Tricycle Operator Goes Viral for Php55k Savings in 10 Months

A tricycle operator goes viral for Php55k savings in 10 months. He shared his story to serve as an inspiration for others – and plans to continue saving money. What’s his secret?

Tricycle Operator Saves Php55k in 10 Months

Just some days ago, we featured a couple who saved Php500k in their bank account even if, according to them, they’re just “ordinary” workers in a private company.

This time we feature a tricycle operator who saved Php55k in 10 months after he made it a point to save.

tricycle operator saves money
Photo credit: CFO PESO SENSE

Sharing his story on CFO PESO SENSE, a financial literacy page on Facebook, this anonymous tricycle operator shared how he felt so happy opening his alkansya and counting his savings which amounted to Php55,030.

He explained that he didn’t expect that he could save this much money – and it seems that this is his first time saving. But it made him happy and he’s now planning on saving more.

How the Tricycle Operator Saved Php55k

Saving money isn’t easy – unless you just happen to have a really big salary and absolutely no obligations in life.

But even those who have a big salary of over Php100k can’t save money if they don’t really plan on saving. After all, if you upgrade your lifestyle with each salary increase, you’ll always run out of cash no matter how much you earn.

So, it’s all about discipline and really pushing yourself to save money, whether you’re earning a lot or just enough to get by.

tricycle operator saves money
Photo credit: CFO PESO SENSE

The tricycle operator shared that he first thought of saving 52 pieces of each denomination. Doing that would certainly push him to save at least Php52k with just the Php1,000 bills alone.

However, he soon encountered difficulty in finding Php200 bills, so he decided to just save any amount per week.

That’s why he was surprised that his savings still reached Php55k in 10 months.

What ipon challenge are you planning to do next year? Maybe we can all start now and be like this tricycle operator…