Teacher Emotional After Seeing 3 Students Happily Share 1 Hotdog & Veggies For Lunch

A teacher couldn’t help but be emotional after seeing some students happily enjoying their humble lunch.

They say that sometimes happiness is not measured by material things but by the memories we make. This was the realization that came to the mind of Sir Rab Cajes from Kauswagan National High School.

Image by Rab Cajes via Facebook

In a post on Facebook, Sir Rab shared the touching moment when he witnessed how 3 of his students enjoyed their humble lunch of “gulay” or veggies. According to him, he was sitting by the window of his classroom when he saw the students.

He could see that the three kids had so much rice but only had 1 hotdog and a few pieces of veggies. He said it was difficult to see how the kids were trying their best to feel full and share their humble lunch.

The teacher explained that despite it all, the kids were having a great time together. He said, “They didn’t complain, they happily ate their baon.”

Sir Rab reflected on how life is sometimes unfair to other people. Poverty can sometimes get the best of us. However, seeing the joy in the faces of his students made him realize that it’s up to us to make the best memories no matter what our circumstances may be.

He said, “Life may not be fair, most of the time others will say it’s unfair. Seeing them enjoying their lunch, I said to myself; It’s us who is in charge of creating the best memories, it’s us who will create our happiness and it’s a matter of how we deal with the situation.”

The kind teacher reminded everyone to continue looking at everything with a silver lining. Whatever situation we may be in, may we learn to look past the struggles and choose to see the positivity.

“Whatever the circumstances are, choose happiness over sadness, positivity over negativity. After all, life is worth living,” he said.