Son of Laundrywoman Worked Several Jobs in College, Graduates Magna cum Laude

The son of a laundrywoman earned praise for working several jobs in college to support his studies, and still being able to graduate as magna cum laude.

Son of Laundrywoman from Broken Family

John Paul Mantile is the son of a laundrywoman who couldn’t afford to send him to college, but that didn’t stop him from reaching for his dreams by finding a way to support his studies instead.

I came from a shattered family but I never regret being a part of it, since it is not the end for me; my friends and even my teachers have shown me love and helped me feel content without my parents. They have always been there for me, and they still love me,” he shared.

And that’s why I’m so appreciative—even though I don’t have a complete family like my friends do, at least I have them. However, there are times when I can’t help but reflect on the fact that I don’t have a father to help me, encourage me, or help me develop a good character.

It’s wonderful that his teachers became his role models and showed him a lot of love.

magna cum laude
Photo credit: John Paul Mantile

Even back in his younger years, he looked for odd jobs to support himself. Thankfully, he had very supportive friends and teachers who helped along the way.

Way back 2012, I’m both excited and anxious to start high school when I finish elementary school since I have a lot of plans and worries that I won’t be able to make it through secondary. I was able to stop at that time, but my adviser helped me push through and convinced me to carry on,” he recalled.

She implied that I may be successful. She helped me together with a friend of hers, giving me a weekly allowance till eighth grade.

When the teacher could no longer support him, he found a good friend who did.

Photo credit: John Paul Mantile

Due to assistance from a very close friend, I was able to maintain my courage and strength. I stayed to their house almost a year. Every day I received money from her mother and father. I worked as a keeper in their internet café. After I finish junior high school, my friend offered me the chance to stay in their new home because her father passed away, her mother handed me an allowance,” he said.

I cleaned their house every day before I go to school. I just like a house helper to their house. They treated me very nicely like a family. I couldn’t have completed my senior year of high school without them.

Scholarships and Jobs in College

Thankfully, he was able to receive scholarships in college, including the Rosales Municipal Scholarship, “Iskolar ng Bayan” under the administration of SPC (Service for Progressive Community), and the Provincial Scholarship Program so he could study at the Pangasinan State University.

Because the free tuition didn’t come with an allowance, he continued to do odd jobs.

Through all this, he was able to graduate as magna cum laude from his course, Bachelor of Secondary Education, Major in Physical Education.

He also received the Proficiency Award and the Performing Arts Award.

Congratulations to you, young man!