Smart Student Gets 100/100 In Math Exam, Receives Jollibee Treat From Teacher: “Very Deserving!”

Many students and netizens couldn’t help but say, “Sana all,” when a generous teacher gave her student a Jollibee treat. The reason is truly impressive! The student got a 100/100 on their math exam.

Image by Kelly Oracion via Facebook

Can you imagine how hard it is to ace a math test? It’s even so much harder to get a perfect score of 100 on a math exam! However, one student has accomplished the seemingly impossible task. Juliana Nieza of Digos City wowed many when she received a perfect score of 100 on their Statistics and Probability class’s third quarter exam.

Aside from the praise, Juliana also earned a much-deserved reward from her teacher! On Facebook, teacher Kelly Oracion shared a photo of him and Juliana as she received her Jollibee treat. The smart student got a pan-size Jollibee spaghetti, a coke float, and a sundae. What a treat!

The teacher wrote that he even delivered the treat as a show of his admiration for the student’s hard work.

He wrote, “The only student who got 100/100 in my Math 200 class. Juliana Llanos Niñeza. You deserve a Jollibee Spaghetti Family pan, coke float, and Sundae with free delivery. Hahahaaha.”

According to Teacher Kelly, it’s not the first time he rewarded a student. He’s been doing this for quite some time because he knows how challenging math exams can be. It’s also his way of motivating and showing support to his students to do their best during tests and exams.

He shared with Pilipino Star Ngayon Digital, “Habit ko na kasi mag bigay ng rewards sa mga student, especially those students na makakuha ng perfect score sa exam. For me, this will motivate my students to do their best during the exam despite its difficulty.”

May more teachers be as inspiring as Teacher Kelly, who encourages her students to work harder in their studies rather than dampening their spirits. Congratulation to Julian, too, for her outstanding achievement!