Smart Dogs Caught on CCTV Pretending They Weren’t Watching TV When Owner Arrives

We’ve long known that dogs are smart. They can even detect objects or things through scent or even understand emotions, making them excellent service dogs.

The list is actually endless – and you can find dogs doing things that you might not expect animals to do.

Dogs as Great Pretenders

Have you ever wondered what your pets do at home while you’re all out of the house? That’s the subject of the popular animated movie, “The Secret Life of Pets.

But that’s a fantasy movie, of course – and an animated one at that! Still, it makes you wonder if things like that might actually happen in real life.

Photo credit: Sandro Bayeta

Well, this appears to be the case in the video shared by Sandro Bayeta.

Two dogs that appear to be huskies could be seen watching TV peacefully on the couch, much like what humans might do at home.

They appear to be watching a movie or documentary that shows an arctic fox. Of course, you might say that this is staged. After all, how could dogs even know which channel to pick? LOL

Photo credit: Sandro Bayeta

But that’s not the most interesting part of the video.

While the two were watching the movie or documentary, one dog was lying down like a human with its arm casually around the other dog who was using the first dog’s body as a pillow of sorts.

But when they heard their human arrive, the dogs quickly got up from the couch.

One of them, the first dog mentioned above, hurriedly jumped out of the couch to turn off the TV – and the two frantically tried to find “doggy” things to do. It’s simply hilarious!

They played with sticks and other toys before one brought a food bowl and looked like it was patiently waiting for food as the other opened the door for their human.

Photo credit: Sandro Bayeta

The video was appropriately captioned, “If it wasn’t for the surveillance cameras, I can’t believe it.”

Hilarious, right? This is definitely “The Secret Life of Pets” in real life! LOL

Watch the video here: