Old ‘Padyak’ Driver In Tears After Being Handed P1K By Generous Stranger

What does a thousand peso bill mean to you? For an old, hard-working ‘padyak’ driver, being handed a P1,000 bill could mean an unexpected reward!

Screengrab: MalakiMata27 via TikTok

On TikTok, a video of an anonymous good Samaritan is spreading good vibes to many netizens. TikTok user @MalakiMata27 is earning a huge following for her videos showing good deeds towards random people on the streets. Despite her popularity online, the user remains anonymous and keeps her personal life private.

In one of her recent videos, @MalakiMata27 shared the heartwarming reaction of an elderly tricycle driver after she handed him a P1,000 bill. In the video, an elderly man is pedaling his ‘padyak’ along the street.

The generous giver slowed down her car and randomly handed over a P1,000 bill. While the elderly driver was puzzled, he was already smiling.

He asked, “Ano ito?”

The anonymous giver replied, “Sa iyo na po iyan, tay.”

As the old driver lightly scratched his hat, you wouldn’t miss the emotions and tears he had inside.

He told the woman, “Salamat ha.”

The generous giver described how the old driver definitely deserved the treat. She also added how the simple act of kindness bought joy and tears to the hardworking driver.

The caption stated, “Despite his old age, he continues to work hard.”

“Lolo seems to be crying in happiness,” she added.

Netizens were moved by the genuine reaction of lolo. Many admired how the random act of kindness was able to bring tears of joy to the old man.

A netizen wrote, “Nakakaiyak. Sana marami pang tumulong kay tatay. Kaya ako talaga mas sasakay ako sa padyak, kaysa may makina kasi alam ko mahirap yan at keep the change na.”

Another netizen was so impressed with the random act of kindness that he hoped he could do the same someday.

He wrote, “Tuwing napapanood ko po mga video niyo naiiyak ako. God bless po gusto ko rin gawin yan one day kapag nakaangat sa buhay.”

As they say, a small act of kindness creates a ripple effect to inspire others to do the same. May we be inspired to do something good for others today!

You can watch the video from MalakiMata27 via TikTok:


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