Old Man Just Wants 2kg of Rice, Young Daughter in Tears after Receiving 1 Sack

Life is so difficult for many people who don’t even know where to find the money for their next meal. Thankfully, there are angels all around us, and some bring more than what these people wish for…

Motorcycle Vlogger Meets Old Man with Young Daughter

While some might say that vloggers are just doing videos to gain likes and earn money from their vlogs, there are still some who genuinely help those who are in need.

For many netizens and these vloggers’ adoring fans, it doesn’t matter a lot that they might still be doing it for the likes because they are actually making a difference in these people’s lives.

old man and daughter
Photo credit: Deng Danupan TV

Recently, Deng Danupan TV spotted an old man having a difficult time pushing his padyak, causing traffic on the busy street.

Seeing that the old man could need some help, the vlogger decided to approach him.

He was surprised to learn that the old man and his daughter were traveling from Telabastagan in San Fernando City in Pampanga to Malolos, Bulacan.

Photo credit: Deng Danupan TV

It turned out that they were in the area to visit a friend, possibly to find a job or some money, but that didn’t appear to work out. So, they were traveling back to their hometown.

Although the 57-kilometer trip takes just around an hour on a car or motorcycle, according to a quick Google Maps search, it could turn into an 8-hour trip on foot.

While this old man had a padyak and could certainly travel faster when he uses the bike, the vehicle isn’t made for sloping terrains and roads.

Old Man Receives Surprise after Asking for Just 2kg of Rice

Thinking that he could make a difference in this old man and his daughter’s life, the vlogger asked what he wanted – and was surprised again when the old man said he just wants 2kg of rice.

So, he promised to give them that, but actually came back with a sack of rice! He explained that he wanted to give more but it could burden the old man even more on the trip, seeing that he was already struggling with his initial load earlier.

old man and daughter
Photo credit: Deng Danupan TV

He also gave the old man some money and added some for the little girl when he saw that she was in tears, clearly moved by this stranger’s kindness.

Watch the heartwarming video here: