Oh, No! Mom Surprised To See Kids Use Permanent Marker To Scribble On Car

A mother shared her surprise and also dismay at seeing their white car with scribbles. The culprit? Her 3-year-old child and a young cousin.

We’ve probably seen it in funny viral videos about how a child fills a car with scribbles using a marker. A mother couldn’t believe it would happen to them in real life!

Screengrab: @khathring via TikTok

On TikTok, Katherine (username @Khathring) shared the amusing incident. According to her, the kids used permanent markers to make scribbles all over their white car.

“Ginawang whiteboard ang sasakyan,” she wrote.

Many netizens tried to offer suggestions on how to remove the marks. According to the mother, they were successful in getting the stains off the car’s body. However, tough marks remain on the car’s plate number.

According to Katherine, her husband got tired of scrubbing the car and trying to remove the marks. They also followed some of the suggestions, like tracing it with a whiteboard marker, and using WD40, and alcohol. But there are still visible marks on the plate number.

An amused netizen made a remark about how important it is to hide markers from small kids.

She wrote, “Naku hahahaha itago ang mga marker sa mga bata.”

If you were the mother, would you easily let the little culprits off the hook? Of course, any loving mother would understand!

As a netizen put it simply, “Magagalit sana ako kasi 2 at 3 pala ang may gawa.”

Screengrab: @khathring via TikTok

Many made light of the situation, while there were also those who suggested teaching the kids a lesson.

A netizen wrote, “Let them clean it up para maalala nila.”

The mother said that seems impossible considering the kids are aged 2 and 3 years old. “Mga bubwit pa 2 and 3yrs old,” she wrote.

Another netizen defended the mother’s choice, saying the kids won’t probably remember it.

“Lol. Kahit gaano mo pa ipaalala, 2 or 3 years old palang cla, di pa ganyan kadaveloped utak nila, unless gifted cla with photographic memory,” the netizen wrote.

You can watch the video from @khathring via TikTok:


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