Nigerian Former Basketball Player in PH Schools, Found Living in the Streets

A Nigerian former basketball player in some schools and local leagues in the Philippines was found living in the streets – and soon got help from kind netizens and friends who were surprised by his current plight.

Nigerian Former Varsity Player Living in the Streets

In the Philippines, it’s not really unusual to find ‘imports’ playing in various teams, particularly in basketball.

Aside from playing in the PBA (Philippine Basketball Association), you can also find many of them even in local leagues and varsity teams in some schools.

Photo credit: Andrew T Pangilinan

That’s what 27-year-old TG Akpa used to do in some of the local leagues and schools in the Philippines. But when his contract ended in these teams, he ended up jobless and living in the streets.

He is said to be seeking shelter along Roxas Boulevard, said several people interviewed by HoopX Basketball who felt concerned over this foreigner’s plight in the Philippine streets.

nigerian varsity player
Photo credit: HoopX Basketball

At first, he denied living in the streets and said that some guy just took his photo and created the rumor. He seemed to be shy about it but later opened up.

TG’s Life in the Philippines

TG explained that life was difficult in his hometown in Nigeria, West Africa. Because they were poor but he loved basketball, he accepted offers to play in the Philippines.

He said that he played in the NAASCU League (National Athletic Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities) in 2012.

Photo credit: HoopX Basketball

He played in the CEU (Centro Escolar University), then to Mapua University.

Photo credit: HoopX Basketball
Photo credit: HoopX Basketball
Photo credit: HoopX Basketball
Photo credit: HoopX Basketball

Aside from playing in the schools, TG said that he also played in local teams like the Ligang Labas.

Photo credit: HoopX Basketball
Photo credit: HoopX Basketball

Sadly, while living in the streets, some people took his phone and some things in his bag.

But he also received help from kind-hearted people. The drivers would ask if he’s eaten already and give him food and money from time to time. These kind drivers also told him where he could take a bath.

The vendors helped him find shelter, especially when it rains. And the other people in the streets became his friends.

Thankfully, after his story went viral, a friend found him and brought him to his house. HoopX Basketball also surprised him with a pair of shoes and a new phone since he lost his in the streets.

We hope he can find a job soon or go home, if he needs to; although he wants to continue staying in the Philippines, saying that he’s chasing an opportunity here.

Watch his story here:

Those who wish to help TG Akpa can message him directly on his Facebook account (TG King Akpa).