“Napakaswerte Ko:” Daughter Appreciates Father Who Always Picks Her Up From Work

A kind daughter couldn’t help but share her appreciation for the thoughtful gestures of her father.

Who wouldn’t want loving parents in their lives? Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have that opportunity. Because of this, many online users were moved by a netizen’s story of her father’s love for her.

Screengrab: Regine Aguilar via TikTok

On TikTok, Regine Aguilar shared how much she’s one proud daughter. Her father still drops her off and picks her up at work, despite being an adult with a job. Even more impressive, her father has been doing this since she was a student. Regine enjoys seeing her father after a long day, and she never forgets to express her gratitude by hugging him.

“Sobrang saya po ko kasi ever since kase nag-aaral pa ako hanggang sa nagka-trabaho never siya pumalya na magsundo or maghatid sakin, kaya kapag nakikita ko talaga siya every time na umuwi ako niyayakap ko siya,” Regine shared in a report by the Philippine Star.

Indeed, our standards and dreams are often based on the experiences we have with our family. Regine claimed that as a result of her father’s constant concern and care, she developed high standards for men. She hoped to find a partner as devoted as her father and didn’t want to settle for just any man.

“Kung hahanap man ako ng lalaking mamahalin, gusto ko yung kagawa ng papa ko,” she wrote on her TikTok video.

“You never fail to make me smile, dad,” Regine told her loving father.

A netizen was able to relate to having a sweet father and know how lucky they are!

She commented, “Proud papa’s girl here! You are lucky to have him as your father.”

Regine replied how much she truly feels lucky to have a loving father. What a lucky daughter Regine is!

You can watch the viral video via Regine’s TikTok account:


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