Emotional Lola Bids Goodbye To Apo Who Will Study In The City: “Kaya Mo Akong Iwanan?”

Saying goodbye isn’t the easiest thing to do. It’s even harder when you have to leave someone you love very much. This was the predicament of one granddaughter as she had to leave her home and her beloved grandmother.

Many times in life, we need to learn to go and leave our comfort zones for us to grow. For one dutiful apo named Patricia, this means leaving her hometown, Oriental Mindoro, to study in Manila. But the moment is made difficult when she has to say leave her Liwayway.

On TikTok, Patricia shared the experience and emotions she felt as she said goodbye. She’s an incoming nursing student and will study in Manila, far from her home. According to her, leaving was very hard because she grew up with her lola since she was young. Now, she’s ready to spread her wings, it also means she needs to leave her behind.

“It is that feeling when you decide to leave home to pursue your dreams and studies in the city,” she wrote in the caption.

In the video, you can see an emotional Lola Liwayway as she wiped her tears away.

Patricia asked her lola, “Bat kayo umiiyak?”
Lola Liwayway replied, “Kaya mo akong iwanan?”

In another video, you can see Patricia kiss her lola’s cheeks, ready to say goodbye. The lola tried to grab her arms and smelled her in the most tender way.

Screengrab: Patricia via Tiktok

The scene tugged at the emotions of many netizens, and even celebrities couldn’t help but comment. Awra Briguela stated how the video made him really sad.

Another netizen wrote, “Takot kasi sila na baka kapag nawala sila sa mundo, wala tayo sa tabi nila. Takot silang maiwan, takot silang mag isa.”

Other netizens shared how videos like these never fail to make them remember the love and care of their grandparents. If you still have your lolo or lola near you, hug them and appreciate them everyday!

You can watch the video from Patricia via TikTok:


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