Couple Saves Php500k in 2 Years, Even if They’re ‘Ordinary’ Employees in a Private Company

A couple managed to save Php500k in 2 years even if they’re “just ordinary” employees in a private company. They share their savings tips to inspire others to also save even if they don’t have a big income source.

Inspiring Couple Saves Php500k in 2 Years

How much have you saved?

Many of us want to save but haven’t really gotten around to actually saving any money because we always think that we aren’t earning enough. Because we’re not earning a lot of money, many of us don’t think it can be done.

Yet a couple who are merely ordinary workers in a private company managed to save as much as Php500k in 2 years, thanks to their financial mindset.

Photo credit: CFO PESO SENSE

The couple shared their story on Facebook financial literacy page CFO PESO SENSE:

Di po kami OFWs or Govt employees. Ordinaryong mga empleyado lang po kami ng isang Private company.

Pareho po kaming galing sa mahirap na pamilya kaya po sanay po kami sa hindi maluhong pamumuhay. Sipag at doble kayod lang po talaga para sa minimithi naming bahay.”

Couple Shares How They Saved Php500k in 2 Years

The couple practiced discipline to save their money.

First, they didn’t travel because they know that this could cost a lot of money. Instead of spending their money on a trip, they saved it in the bank.

Second, they limit the time they spend going out, particularly to the mall where there are lots of enticing things and food.

Third, they do enjoy some time to date, but they try to make sure that they don’t exceed their budget of Php500-1,000.

Fourth, they never buy appliances or vehicles on a loan or installment basis because they want to avoid paying interest charges. Instead, they save up and buy it in cash.

In short, they live within their means and buy only what they can actually afford with their money.

Today, they now have a second-hand car and a second-hand motorcycle they bought with cash.

They also have Php500k saved up for their dream home.

They shared their story in hopes that it could inspire others to also save money.