Cebuano’s Giveaway King Shares His Favorite ‘Kind of Jenga’

Screengrab: Chase Cokaliong via Facebook

Cebuano business tycoon Chase Cokaliong shared his favorite kind of Jenga; a big pile of cash!

Netizens couldn’t help but say, “Sana all!” after they saw one of Cokaliong’s recent videos on his Facebook page. The business tycoon showed off his huge pile of thousand-peso bills resembling the popular board game, Jenga.

“My kind of Jenga,” he writes.

Click the image to watch the FB reel of Chase Cokaliong via Facebook

Jenga is a stacking game in which players alternately take away one block at a time from a tower made of blocks. Aside from his “money Jenga,” Cokaliong also shares on his Facebook page some of his favorite luxuries. Among those is a pile of expensive watches, which include luxury brands like Rolex.

He wrote, “Watch out! Tried to recreate the Leaning Tower of Pisa with some of my favorite watches.”

Image by Chase Cokaliong via Facebook

Cokaliong also shared his sofa worth P3 million, P10-million whisky, traveling business class, and more.

But Cokaliong isn’t just about himself because he also gives back to his followers. He recently gave away P10,000 to one of the lucky viewers of his vlog. He also gives away makeovers and more. He also had a fun game where he hid P50,000 cash in a department store. Three lucky winners each got P10,000, while one extra lucky person went home with P20,000.

But wait, there’s more. Cokaliong has also given away a 70-inch Samsung UHD 4K Smart TV, a PS5, and even a 2021 Toyota WIGO. Now even crazier, he has given out a 1.2-carat ring!

No wonder he’s known in Cebu as the “Giveaway King!”

In his recent Africa trip to Masai Mara, the successful businessman shared how the trip motivated him to work harder. He wants to have more memorable experiences and share them with his family.

“This is why #TheChaseNeverEnds, and why I keep working hard. Because these are the kinds of experiences I want to keep having—and the kind of things I want my family to always be able to enjoy,” he explained.

The eldest of his generation in the Cokaliong, Cebu’s Giveaway King is the son of Chester Cokaliong, the founder of Cokaliong Shipping Lines.