‘Budgetarian’ Shares Clever Budgeting and Savings Tips (Includes Emergency Savings)

A budgetarian’ shares clever budgeting and savings tips, including how to start your emergency savings, to help others who are struggling with financial management.

While the tips might now work for everyone, it’s great to see that this could be a good idea to try and that it actually worked for her. Perhaps we should give it a try?

‘Budgetarian’ Tips for Budgeting and Saving Money

Budgeting your money, especially if you’re earning below or just the minimum wage, can be difficult.

And it doesn’t help that there are plenty of unexpected expenses that pop up in the middle of the week or emergencies that require more money. This leaves us with problems that lead to taking more loans and going deeper into debt.

managing funds
Photo credit: Chinkee Tan

It can be difficult to get out of debt, but one ‘budgetarian’ shared some tips on how she budgets the family’s income. We could also try to do this to see if it also works for us.

Photo credit: Chinkee Tan

Sharing her story with Chinkee Tan, a financial literacy and wealth coach, this woman said that every time she receives her salary, she divides it into the following and make sure to separate each one in different money sections:

  • Upa sa bahay (rent) – 5K
  • Grocery – 6K/MONTH twice a week po ako naggogrocey
  • Market – 3k/month
  • Bigas (rice)
  • Gasul (LPG)
  • Mineral (water)
  • Electric bill
  • Emergency
  • BDO and Rang ay bank savings

She also saves Php500 a month for birthdays and another for Christmas and New Year’s Day celebrations.

managing funds
Photo credit: Chinkee Tan

When her salary arrives, she immediately splits it into these allocations and tries to stick to her budget. Any spare change or excess goes to her ‘alkansya’ (piggy bank).

Photo credit: Chinkee Tan

She explained that she started doing this so she can have some extra cash because she has experienced how it can be to have no money at all. So, she wants to make sure that she still has something to use, especially during emergencies.

managing funds
Photo credit: Chinkee Tan

What do you think of her tips?