Adorable Flower Girl’s Antics On The Aisle Amuse Netizens: “Gigil Na Si Baby”

How could you be mad at a cutie flower girl who didn’t do her “job”? That’s the sentiment of the netizens who saw the adorable antics of a 2-year-old flower at a wedding.

Screengrab: @tifabels29 via TikTok

Aside from the bride and the groom, one of the giddiest parts of a wedding’s entourage are the little flower girls! These adorable munchkins really help bring a ray of sunshine to the whole celebration. With their cute smiles and happy aura, they sure help brighten up a wedding day.

We all know that a flower girl should look sweet. However, one flower girl goes viral online for her naughty but funny antics while doing her “job” on the aisle.

On TikTok, Tifa got the attention of many netizens. She was the cutest flower girl as she held onto her bag of flower petals. But halfway down the aisle, she probably realized she wanted to add a little drama. She stopped, and instead of throwing petals, she tipped her basket empty down the aisle!

Upon realizing her basket was already empty, she got irked and threw her basket to the floor. Just before a tantrum could happen, Tifa’s mother, Kathleen Medel, came to the rescue. But Tifa simply gave a big laugh and continued down the aisle.

Screengrab: @tifabels29 via TikTok

In a report by Philippine Star, Mommy Kathleen said they were surprised with the netizens’ amused reaction towards Tifa’s antics. She said, “So far naman po na aliw naman mga tao sa kanya siya po ksi pinaka baby doon sa wedding.”

One of the comments they received stated, “Kakatuwang bata. Hehe. Gigil daw siya wala ng laman yung basket niya.”

The supportive mom also revealed that Tifa had been practicing for her walk weeks before the wedding.

“Weeks before the wedding, nag practice na sya mag tapon ng flowers sa basket ok naman ung practice, nagulat na lang kami na yun yung naging outcome,” she said.

While it didn’t go as expected, it surely became a memorable one!

You can watch the video from @tifabels29 via TikTok:


when a 2 year old kid becomes a flower girl on a wedding walks gone wrong🤦🤷🤭

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