Work-cation? Group Goes Viral for Working While on Vacation in Siargao

A group of workmates from a travel firm went viral for doing their work while having a vacation in Siargao.

While it’s not something new, the post went viral at the hilarious way they had to do it, including shielding the laptop to reduce glare from the sun, literally working on the road (as in standing on the road), and working while riding on a pedicab (good thing it wasn’t moving).

Work-cation: Working While on Vacation

These days, it is much easier to work even if you’re not in the office because many companies allow a work-from-home setup, which can literally mean working from anywhere that has an internet connection.

Photo credit: Chrissa Mae Belleza

That’s also why so many people are also able to go on vacations even if they need to work because you just have to find a place with a connection and bring your laptop along.

Of course, many people would rather leave their work at home and focus on their trip, but that’s not possible for some jobs.

Photo credit: Chrissa Mae Belleza
Photo credit: Chrissa Mae Belleza

For example, the post of Chrissa Mae Belleza recently went viral after she and her workmates from a travel firm, Monica and Kate, had to work while they were on vacation in Siargao to deal with something urgent at work.

She explained that they were in Siargao and having a good time when their boss called them about an urgent email.

Since time-sensitive po ‘yung work namin about tickets, we immediately opened our laptop to accommodate,” she explained.

That moment is very candid lang po, one of our friend took a picture of us kasi natatawa nga po sila samin kasi bakasyon and ready na umawra pero work pa din.

Photo credit: Chrissa Mae Belleza
Photo credit: Chrissa Mae Belleza

Netizens Relate with their Work-cation

The post quickly went viral because so many people could relate to their story, this writer included! LOL

But it’s just lucky for us that laptops and the internet were created so that we could still juggle some fun time while also being able to work.

Do you agree?