Student Who Lived on Hand-Me-Downs and Promissory Notes, Top 2 in Board Exams

Life was extra difficult for one student who lived on hand-me-downs from her cousins and promissory notes every exam week, but her determination paid off after she graduated as magna cum laude and even ranked as top 2 in the board exams!

Isn’t she amazing?

Student Who Lived on Hand-Me-Downs, Topnotcher in Board Exams

Diane Asanza David hails from Marilao, Bulacan.

She graduated as magna cum laude from the Colegio De San Gabriel Arcangel and would later rank as the Top 2 in the January 2022 LET (Licensure Examination for Teachers), with a rating of 92.60%.

Photo credit: Diane Asanza David / PEP

That’s certainly impressive! And we’re even more amazed by this young lady after learning about how she managed to overcome the obstacles in her life to achieve her dreams.

Nakatapos ako ng high school na suot ang naninilaw na at maluwag na unipormeng pinaglumaan ng apat na taon ng ate ko—na siya ring pinaglumaan pa ng apat pang taon ng mga pinsan ko,” she recalled.

Kumbaga, eight years old na ito nang napunta sa akin.

She also skipped lunch, telling her classmates that she’s on a diet, when in reality she didn’t really had any money to buy food.

Reaching for Her Dreams

Diane had always wanted to be a teacher because she admired them for everything that they did for her.

Back in her elementary years, she hated going to school. It wasn’t because of the difficult lessons but because she had to walk far and didn’t even have any many for food or proper school supplies.

Her dad worked as barangay tanod while her mom sold food.

Despite her many absences, the teachers appeared to understand her situation and let her pass. It’s “pasang-awa” or barely passing, but it was enough to send her to high school.

Photo credit: Diane Asanza David / PEP

Her teachers were also kind and listened to her problems.

Sa kanila ko nasasabi ang mga bagay hindi ko nasasabi sa aking pamilya,” she recounted.

Nakasama ko sila sa pagluha at pagtawa. Sila rin ang nakatuklas at humubog sa aking mga talento. Napakataas ng paggalang ko sa mga guro.

So, she decided to take up Bachelor of Secondary Education, major in Filipino, when she got into college.

After hearing people laugh at her mother for borrowing money here and there to buy their food or send her and her siblings to school, Diane decided to find a job to help out.

Photo credit: Diane Asanza David / PEP

She took tutorial jobs, became a tour facilitator, and sold everything from food to beauty products.

Ako lang yata ang scholar na suki pa rin ng promisory note tuwing may exam,” she recounted.

Bittersweet Success

Though her mom witnessed her graduation as magna cum laude in 2018, a problem with her birth certificate delayed her from taking the board exams.

Sadly, she lost her mom during the pandemic. She was also hit by the virus that took her mom, but she concentrated all her efforts to pass the board exams for her late mom – and she ranked as top 2!

Although her mom wasn’t able to witness her success, she’s now giving back by becoming an inspiration to others.

Photo credit: Diane Asanza David / PEP

She teaches senior high students at the Bulacan Standard Academy, and board exam aspirants at the Carl Balita Review Center during weekends.