Grade 1 Students Praised for Helping Classmate with Special Needs Fix His Uniform

Two grade 1 students earned praise for helping a classmate with special needs fix his uniform. Despite being just 7 years old and not told to do it, these wonderful young boys paid attention and made sure to help out their new friend. Isn’t that sweet?

Grade 1 Students Help Classmate with Special Needs

We might not realize it but kids actually learn a lot by watching others, often older people such as their parents and other role models.

Two young students in SK Sungai Kapit, Sarawak in Malaysia earned praise online for assisting their friends in the washroom and later helping fix classmate’s uniform.

Sylvester Ronny Pulene, a teacher at the school, noticed the kids standing near the washroom and assisting their friend so he can use the toilet. When the other kid was finished, the young boys helped him dress up.

Photo credit: Sylvester Ronny Pulene

They even tucked his uniform inside his pants and put his belt on.

This student, J, is indeed special. He is a former student of mine from preschool. He still doesn’t know how to take care of himself. Even in year 1, he still uses pampers (diapers). But maybe today, he didn’t use pampers,” the teacher explained.

His speech is not very clear (a bit slow). But, what makes me proud is that he has many friends in the class who care enough about him.

Special Friends

The teacher added that he often sees the other students happily helping J, the student with special needs.

Photo credit: Sylvester Ronny Pulene

In fact, sometimes his friends are willing to help him stand in line to get the supplementary food (RMT) meal for him at the school canteen. He is also a very friendly person even though he is a bit different from the other students. In short, his classmates all pay attention to him even though they are still 7-years-old,” Teacher Sylvester shared.

It’s truly sweet that these kids are so compassionate in helping their friend out.