85-Year-Old Grandpa Still Sells Rags on His Bike, Family Says It Keeps Him Healthy

Netizens express concern after learning about an 85-year-old grandpa who still sells rags on his bike, roaming around the city to find customers. But his family clarified that it actually keeps him healthy.

That’s nice, right? But many netizens still hope he’ll just stay at home to be safe.

85-Year-Old Grandpa Sells Rags on Bike

Do you know someone who’s 85 years old? What do they do for fun and to keep themselves feeling young and healthy?

For many old folks, the idea of fun is in something that doesn’t require physical exertion, and they keep themselves healthy by doing some light exercises at home.

85-year-old rag vendor
Photo credit: Jhames Deato

Yet for 85-year-old Tatay George Catacutan, exercise meant going out each day on his bike, roaming around the city to sell rags – and that’s also his idea of fun!

He sells rags in the streets of Obando, Bulacan.

Tatay George recently went viral when his photo was posted by a youngster named Jhames Deato who spotted him on his bike, with a sign on the sidecar that states the rags are for sale.

Aside from rags, he also sells door mats and pillowcases.

Bili na kayo kay tatay nag iikot sya sa maysilo,” Jhames posted on his Facebook account.

The youngster later commented on his post that he saw the old man again some days later, and it seems that people bought all his goods because his cart was empty.

Retirement for Tatay George?

85-year-old rag vendor
Photo credit: Jhames Deato

While many netizens express worry over Tatay George, suggesting that his family should support him so he wouldn’t be in the streets.

But his daughter, Carolyn Dela Cruz, clarified that they had already asked him to stop selling on his bike when he turned 60.

And while he followed his children’s advice, he fell ill for nearly a week. So, they eventually allowed him to go back to selling rags because it seems to be helping him stay happy and healthy.

Still, netizens who wish to help can contact Tatay George’s wife, Nenita Catacutan.