‘I’ve found a good man online’: Author Jaymee Joaquin shares how Tinder gave her the perfect match

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  • Inspirational author Jaymee Joaquin shared how she found a good man online
  • Meeting “Ryan” on Tinder, Jaymee couldn’t be more grateful to finally have someone who loves, supports, and keeps her calm even on rough days
  • Jaymee is the writer behind the blog Jaymee Wins and the book That Sh*t Called Cancer

Is it really possible to find love through a dating app? For inspirational author and cancer warrior Jaymee Joaquin, it’s definitely a “yes”, as it was on Tinder where she found the man who loves, supports, and keeps her calm even on rough days.

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“I’m Jaymee, he’s Ryan. I’m from Manila, he’s from Ohio. I’m 41, he’s 37. I’m into yoga, he’s into meditation. I’m on the path to healing, he’s on the path to monk-hood. I’m loud and proud, he’s down to earth. I’m his yin, he’s my yang. I can get heavy, but he keeps it light. Oh, Tinder app, you got this combo right,” Jaymee wrote as she shared a recent photo with her man on Facebook, touching the hearts of so many people online.

Jaymee, the writer behind the blog Jaymee Wins and the book That Sh*t Called Cancer, has been through a lot and she could not be happier to finally be with someone who truly cares. In a separate post, she gave some tips to her followers who want to try using dating apps in hopes of finding a better half.

“Post photos that look like you. Less curated, not professionally done, less selfies. Just you in your element, showing your personality and interests. In your description, say what it is that you’re looking for in the app or site and where you are right now in your stage of life. Keep it real,” she said.

Moreover, she advised them to relish the process and don’t just rush in for the sake of having a special someone.

“Even if you met someone you like, continue seeing other people. Don’t make assumptions unless you both talked already about being exclusive with each other. Until then, you’re only dating and getting to know each other and that’s fine! Don’t rush or pressure the guy too much too soon. Just keep hanging out together and if things work out, it’ll eventually lead to exclusivity. Until then, just enjoy the dating process because that is the fun part,” she maintained.

In her book, Jaymee also shared a few dating tips for big C patients like her.

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That Sh*t Called Cancer aims to inspire breast cancer patients in winning back their life, whether they have already been cleared or not.

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