‘I will miss your stories’: Jennica posts tearjerking message to grandma who succumbed to COVID-19

  • Jennica Garcia-Uytingco penned a tearjerking message for her late grandmother who succumbed to COVID-19
  • On Instagram, the actress shared how she will miss the latter’s stories about enchanting creatures; the tales that even her children love to hear
  • Jean Garcia also created a heartwarming post for her mother

If there’s one thing that Jennica Garcia-Uytingco loves the most about her late grandmother, it’s the way she brings her to an entirely different world with her stories about supernatural creatures. Now she’s gone, the actress said she will surely miss these tales that even her children love to hear.

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On Instagram, Jennica penned a tearjerking message for her grandmother and the parent of her mom, well-respected actress Jean Garcia.

“Lola, I still have so many questions,” she began. “I know you tried your best to beat COVID and I want to say that I am happy still because you are now next to Christ but, Lola, it’s so hard. I want to spend more time with you. I am in disbelief that I lost you to COVID. Sobrang lakas mo pa, Lola. You are only 70 years old. My heart is in so much pain for losing you.”

“I will miss your stories about fairies and duwendes. I remember how you sighed when you realized I was a big girl already and is no longer interested in the world of fairytales, and I remember your joy when I was already an adult and brought you precious stones because it opened the doors again for your many stories of the wonders of the unknown. I would listen to you with my kids, their mouths wide open. You tell the best stories, Lola,” she continued.

Before ending her post, the actress shared how she looks forward to the day when she can sit beside her grandma again and start hearing her amazing tales.

“I love you so much, Lola. Please watch over me and my children from heaven. Please remember that we always need you. We will see you in heaven one day, Lola,” she said. “When that day comes, my girls and I will once again sit on the floor while you sit on a chair. We will look up to you as you share magical stories that transport us into an entirely different world.”

On her Instagram account, Jean also created a heartwarming post for her mother.

Image captured from Instagram

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