Huge can of SPAM is spotted at a grocery store in BGC, will you buy it for P899?

Image from Rele Hernandez via Instagram
  • All-time favorite SPAM recently made it to the headlines after a food blogger spotted a huge can of SPAM at a grocery store
  • The gigantic can of SPAM is five to six times bigger than the regular size, it is also priced at P899
  • On their website, SPAM Philippines has been sharing various SPAM recipes for Pinoy dishes such as SPAM Bicol Express, chopsuey, etc.

Pinoys who grew up in a family who have relatives abroad are very much familiar with SPAM—an all-time favorite canned of pork and ham. Today, SPAM products are sold in 44 different countries all around the world including the Philippines.

Image from SPAM Philippines Facebook page

Aside from its unique taste,  it is also easy to cook for people who don’t have much time to prepare their meal. After opening it, you slice the SPAM into thin or thick pieces (depending on how many are going to eat), put it in a frying pan, then voila! You already have an ulam.

Traditionally, Pinoys only know the two sizes of SPAM: the regular 340-gram cans that can be normally seen in groceries, and recently, a smaller can that weighs 198 grams which is perfect for a solo meal.

However, a food blogger recently shared that he spotted a gigantic can of SPAM while in a grocery store in Bonifacio Global City. Food blogger and owner of Pop’s Original Lumpianza Rele Hernandez shared a photo of the gigantic can of SPAM on his Instagram account with the caption: “Ewan ko na lang kung mabitin ka pa.”

Image from Instagram

The huge can weighs 1.81 kilograms, which meant that it is five to six times bigger than the regular can. A bigger can also means a more expensive price; the gigantic SPAM costs P899 at the S&R Membership Shopping where Hernandez saw it (BGC branch).

On their social media platforms, SPAM Philippines has been sharing recipes that include SPAM in various dishes such as merienda, rice meals, Pinoy dishes (Bicol Express, chopsuey, etc), and even popular dishes such as SPAM fries and sandwich.

There’s also a SPAM food truck that has been roaming around Metro Manila to sell some hot and tasty SPAM dishes. Visit the SPAM Philippines Facebook page to know more.