Happy island life: Andi and Philmar’s family enjoys catching crabs for dinner

Images captured from Happy Islanders’ YouTube video
  • Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo, together with their two kids, relished catching crabs for dinner
  • One of the islanders helped them, getting enough for a delicious feast later in the evening
  • Leaving her promising showbiz career and luxurious life, Andi has no regrets as she believes that the island is the perfect place for her

Making the most of an ordinary day on the island, couple Andi Eigenmann and Philmar Alipayo took the kids out to enjoy the beach and to relish catching crabs with the other islanders.

Images captured from Happy Islanders’ YouTube video

In their recent vlog, they shared lots of simple yet happy moments with the other islanders: catching crabs, swimming, fun times with the kids and their playmates, and of course, their meal times.

In one of the clips, the small family followed the other people in the resort as they aim to have some crabs for dinner. While catching one requires the right skills, one of the islanders helped them catch some, getting just enough for a delicious feast later at night.

Meanwhile, the kids also enjoyed swimming and playing with friends.

“While everybody’s busy with the alimango, there’s Lilo,” she exclaimed as she found her Lilo playing on a body of water like the other kids. “What lucky kids! Have this as their playground.”

She also captured her eldest child Ellie, who was spending time with her playmates.

The video ended as the family ate their evening meal–with the crabs as the main dish, of course.

Andi on her happy island life: Dito ako nababagay, I don’t own cars, designer clothes, bags, wala na lahat

It was her choice to leave the luxurious life she’s known for years. Andi has no regrets whatsoever, as she believes that the island is where she truly belongs.

“Na-realize ko lang na itong lugar na ‘to, dito ako nababagay. I sold everything that I felt was an idea of luxury that I didn’t need. I don’t own cars, any designer clothes, bags — lahat ng mga pang-artistang ‘yan, makeup, lahat ‘yan wala na. Kahit mga kasama sa bahay, yaya, driver, wala na lahat,” she shared in one of her previous posts.

Images captured from Happy Islanders’ YouTube video

It’s been three years since Andi revealed being in a relationship with professional surfer Philmar; the first Champion of Philippine Surfing Championship Tour Men’s Division (2017).

Netizens love watching their vlogs because of the simple life they live yet their happiness is so vivid.