Company in Japan offers up to 10 days paid leave when employees feel sad over their idols

  • A company in Japan has made an official policy to provide up to 10 days paid leave for their employees in case their favorite idols got into an issue
  • Ten days “bereavement leave” is provided when their favorite idol retires from showbiz, three days if it’s their “low ranked” idols
  • Employees can also use the leaves to get off work early to watch their idol’s concert or attend a meet-and-greet event

Korean-pop domination has reached millions of fans around the world.  However, aside from K-pop idols, various groups from different countries have also emerged in the worldwide domination industry such as J-pop (Japan-pop) and also our very own P-pop (Pinoy-pop).

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Avid fans from around the world are dedicated in supporting their idols or favorite girl and boy groups from whichever project o music they are working on. However, it is inevitable that some of these idols would be involved in different controversies and issues especially today that social media has a huge impact.

President and founder of Tokyo media company Hiroro, Shizen Tsurumi, noticed that whenever an employee receive some bad news or issue about their idols, it’s difficult for them to focus on their work.

Which is why Tsurumi provided a free paid day off for the employees to mourn and cope with the news about their idols. Eventually, because of the employees appreciation from their boss, the free paid day off has become an official company policy called “Oshi Vacation System.”

Image from Hiroro website

The word “oshi” is translated in English as “support.”

Under this system, employees are given up to 10 days paid leave when they are bereaving because their favorite idol/s retire from showbiz. While 3-day paid leave is provided if it is their “low ranked” idol/s.

Additionally, employees can take up to 10 days leave if their “number 1” idol gets married. It is noteworthy that these leaves can even be split from the engagement announcement to the actual wedding ceremony.

Employees can also use the paid leaves to get off work early to watch their idol’s concert or attend a meet-and-greet event.

The company explains the reason behind the existence of Oshi Vacation System“I think that the most powerful thing to move people is the feeling of love for people and things. I always want to be a person who works for the people and things I like.”