‘Let’s normalize having kids around’: Mom suggests after experiencing struggles of being a work-from-home parent

Image via The Budget Mama | Facebook
  • A mommy vlogger shared that her dad interviewee was embarrassed when he was being interrupted by his son
  • To ease the tension, she made her own son sit with her, too, to make things more comfortable for the dad
  • With that, she said that maybe it is time to normalize having kids around as we work

Are you a work-from-home parent at this time of the pandemic? Most probably the shift wasn’t easy for you.

Image via The Budget Mama | Facebook

Working in the office or outside versus working from home are two different environments that has their advantages and disadvantages. Between the two, we’d say working from home is more difficult because of a lot of distractions like the kids. When we go on online meetings, we fervently pray that they won’t be messing around. But there are some instances that we can no longer control.

A mommy vlogger who goes by the name “The Budget Mama” shared one incident where she was having an interview with a dad. While the conversation was going on, the dad’s son came on sight and insisted on sitting on his lap. The dad tried to manage it by saying,” Later, later. Papa is in an interview.”

But the boy became anxious and started to cry. The mommy vlogger can sense that he was embarrassed by the situation. To ease the tension, she got her boy too “to make him feel comfortable.”

The boy slept on dad’s shoulders and the interview went well. With this, “The Budget Mama” would like to emphasize an insight.

“Can we please stop pretending that our kids aren’t around us?!”

The Budget Mama shared that she has 3 kids ages 9, 6, and 4 and she is lucky to be able to work from home at flexible hours. But home is also a place where her kids are around cause they are homeschooling too and they are adjusting to the new setup so she needs to be with them as she works.

“My primary concern was being able to give my 100% at work despite having my kids around. But all that did was to make everything more stressful,” she added.

Image via Pixabay

But she doesn’t want to think that they will be a hindrance for her to have a successful career. Her kids are a part of her and they are still her number one priority. She thinks there is a lack of support for working parents so she suggests..

“So let’s normalize having kids around…”

For her, that means for working parents to talk about kids at work, let kids wave at co-workers in online meetings and allow kids to sit with parents in interviews. Just simply let them be with parents if they want to because it’s a fact that home is also where they are.

Without the tension of preventing them from interrupting your online job may give you a more relaxed family-friendly working environment.

What do you think? Are you a work-from-home parent too? Do you feel the same struggles? Do you have some tips for parents? Share your thoughts below.