Filipina student lands an international modeling career under Kendall Jenner’s agency

Image from Instagram | @reinsmika
  • A Filipina student recently won the Digital Creator’s category of the international modeling competition Elite Model Look 2020
  • The Elite agency is known as the modeling agency of some of the most sought-after models including Kendall Jenner
  • The Filipina student was the only Asian to make the cut under the category, and she reveals feeling intimidated by other contestants

Filipinas are known for having unique beauty, admirable attitude, and confidence when it comes to joining competitions like pageants.  Aside from beauty queens, there are also known Filipina models in the international scene, and recently, the name of Reins Mika was added to that list.

Image from Instagram

Just last year, college student Reins Mika joined the Elite Model Look 2020 competition (which was formerly known as Look of the Year) under the new category “Digital Creator.” The competition was launched by the world renowned modeling agency, Elite Model Management.

The Elite Model Management was known for scouting some of the most sought-after models such as Cindy Crawford and Kendall Jenner. The winner of the competition will receive an exclusive contract with Elite and their affiliate agencies.

Recently,  21-year-old Filipino-Chinese model Reins Mika emerges as the winner of the Digital Creator’s category and now is one step away from achieving her dream of becoming an international model.

Image from Instagram

During the competition, Reins was the only Asian to make it to the top five of the aforementioned category.

“Most people might wonder why I am competing in the category of Digital Creator, even though I have been working as a fashion model for years now. Honestly, I want to be remembered by most people not simply as a model, but a model with passion for her creativity,” she said in an interview with Preview.

Reins is currently taking up BS Management in Ateneo and has already modelled for brands such as Human, Rustan’s, Dove, and appears regularly in Bench Fashion Week runways. Even with her experience, Reins revealed that she felt intimidated by other contestants.

“…they all had huge followings on Instagram and other social media platforms, and I was just starting out. Sometimes you’ll doubt yourself–it’s more of a battle within yourself. The experience was incredibly unbelievable, never in my life would I  have imagined doing something like this, especially meeting international mentors and industry experts!”