Loyal dog spends days outside hospital patiently waiting for sick owner

Imahe taken from The Sun's YouTube video via DHA
  • A pet dog has devotedly spent days outside a hospital in Istanbul waiting for her sick owner who was receiving treatment
  • The daughter of the dog’s owner would always take the dog home but she would repeatedly run off and go back to the hospital
  • After a couple of days, the dog’s owner was finally discharged and reunited with his loyal dog

Dogs are undoubtedly loyal for they are pack animals, which means they are social creatures who depend on one another to survive. Many dog trainers and animal experts believe that this mentality causes dogs to be loyal especially to their owners.

Imahe taken from The Sun’s YouTube video via DHA

Many articles written online about personal experiences of owners have proved the loyalty of their pet dogs. One of which was reported by DHA, a private news agency, about a faithful dog who sits patiently outside the hospital while waiting for her sick owner.

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According to the news, Boncuk, pronounced as Bon-DJUK and which means “bead” in Instanbul, is a pet dog owned by Cemal Senturk. One day, Senturk was rushed to the hospital to get some treatment. Boncuk then followed the ambulance that took her owner all the way to a hospital in the Black Sea city of Trabzon, Istanbul.

Imahe taken from The Sun’s YouTube video via DHA

Since then, the pet dog made daily visits to the facility to check on her owner while patiently waiting outside. Senturk’s daughter, Aynur Egeli, said she would always take Boncik home but their pet dog would run off and return to the hospital.

“She comes every day around 9 a.m. and waits until nightfall. She doesn’t go in,” told Muhammet Akdeniz, one of the hospital security guards. “When the door opens she pokes her head inside,” he added.

In order to see his pet dog, Senturk made a brief visit to Boncuk when he was pushed outside in a wheelchair.

“She’s very used to me. And I miss her, too, constantly,” he told DHA. After his treatment, Senturk was later on dismissed from the facility and returned home with Boncuk