Couple’s movie posters-inspired prenup photos leave social media users in awe

Images via Tophee/The Tophee Project | Facebook
  • An engaged couple’s movie-inspired prenup photos have been making rounds online
  • Photographer Tophee Marquez uploaded the images from Kathleen Fate Javier and Nikko Panollera’s creative photoshoot 
  • The inspirations were movies A Walk To Remember, The Hows of Us, Alone/Together, among others

Love might not always be the same as the stories featured in movies, but true love is more beautiful in real life, with real people who have real stories to share.

Image captured from Facebook

An engaged couple’s movie posters-inspired prenup photos have been making rounds online, using movie titles and poses of characters from popular films to tell stories of love.

On Facebook, photographer Christopher “Tophee” Marquez–the brilliant mind behind The Tophee Project–uploaded the images from Kathleen Fate Javier and Nikko Panollera’s creative photoshoot; leaving social media users in awe.

“Just like the movies. A prenup session with Kathleen and Nikko,” read the caption of his photos; adding the hashtag #naKATHadhanakayNIKKO while giving credits to the creators of the posters from the movies that are close to his and the couple’s hearts.

The movies that inspired the shoot were A Walk To Remember, That Thing Called Tadhana, The Hows of Us, and Together/Alone, among others. Amazed by the concept and creativity of the viral photoshoot, thousands of social media users shared the post; some even saying that they will imitate such when the right time comes.

Meanwhile, Kathleen and Nikko thanked Tophee for the wonderful early wedding gift.

“Iba talaga ‘pag si Tophee ang photographer! Thank you so much sa early wedding gift! We love you! More blessing!” Kathleen expressed.

While Nikko wrote, “Thank you so much, Tophee, for your early wedding gift.”

Ending the series of posters, one of the prenup images read, “All these movies, but our story is the best.”

Image via Tophee/The Tophee Project | Facebook