Woman sells newly made wedding gown to fund animal shelter

  • A woman sold her new wedding gown for the benefit of an animal shelter
  • She was supposed to have her church wedding but the pandemic changed their plans
  • She is a certified fur mom and makes an initiative to help unadopted animals have another chance in life

Some people have a very big heart for animals that they are willing to sacrifice a part of their happiness to help.

Image via Irish Bugarin-Lamano | Facebook

A woman named Irish Bugarin-Lamano shared on Facebook that she is selling her newly made gown which she was supposed to wear at her church wedding. Take note, she hasn’t worn it yet but news about dogs being euthanized when unadopted made her sad and so she is making a bold move.

“For those who don’t know me well, I’m in love with dogs! I’m a fur mom of 4 – Patty, Jugs, Coco and Enzo. And whenever I browse my feed, it only breaks my heart – those news that they’ll do mercy killing because no one adopts,” she said on her post.

Irish and her husband wanted to help so badly that they even dream of building a pound if they win in a lottery.

Image via Irish Bugarin-Lamano | Facebook

“So here it is. I’m selling my new two-way wedding gown, yes, you’re right. My WEDDING GOWN. (I supposed to use this on our church wedding but covid svcks),” she stated.

According to the gown details she shared, it was designed by IFAV. The base gown is body-hugging and has a detachable 50 inches A-line skirt which makes it a two-way gown. It can fit from medium to semi-large body size. A free veil comes with the package.

When sold, the couple has chosen Pawssion Project as their beneficiary.

Image via Irish Bugarin-Lamano | Facebook

“Partial amount will be given to PAWSsion, an organization that is really close to my heart. Thank you Kayesha and Ms. Malou of PAWSsion Project for giving me this opportunity.“

Are you interested in buying it? Contact her now through her Facebook account. You can have a memorable elegant gown plus your purchase can give dogs and cats another chance to have a good life.

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