Andi on engagement: Nothing grand, simple, sincere, that’s us, that’s him

Image via @andieigengirl | Instagram
  • Andi Eigenmann now engaged with partner Philmar Alipayo
  • On Instagram, Andi shared how Philmar’s simple but sincere wedding proposal made her really happy
  • She said she is “over the moon” with the thought of spending her whole life with him

Andi Eigenmann, the actress who chose to leave her luxurious celebrity life and stay in a peaceful island, is now engaged with partner Philmar Alipayo; following a simple yet sincere wedding proposal.

Image captured on Instagram

On Instagram, Andi shared that she’s “over the moon” with the thought of spending her whole life with the one person she truly loves.

“I never thought about how my engagement would go because quite honestly, I didn’t think I’d have one. It would’ve been okay regardless, but it did happen. And it happened the way I wanted it and so much more. Nothing grand. Unprompted, simple, and, oh so sincere. That’s us. That’s him. That is how I want the rest of my life to be. I am over the moon, so stoked to be spending it with you, my mahal,” she expressed.

Andi on her happy island life: Dito ako nababagay, I don’t own cars, designer clothes, bags, wala na lahat

Leaving her luxurious life and her showbiz career, Andi has no regrets for she believes that the island is where she truly belongs.

“Na-realize ko lang na itong lugar na ‘to, dito ako nababagay. I sold everything that I felt was an idea of luxury that I didn’t need. I don’t own cars, any designer clothes, bags — lahat ng mga pang-artistang ‘yan, makeup, lahat ‘yan wala na. Kahit mga kasama sa bahay, yaya, driver, wala na lahat,” she wrote.

Images captured from Happy Islanders’ YouTube video

It was in October 2018 when Andi revealed being in a relationship with professional surfer Philmar; the first Champion of Philippine Surfing Championship Tour Men’s Division (2017).

On the last day of 2019, Andi posted a photo of their family; saying she is “incredibly grateful” to have them in her life.