‘Isang mahigpit na yakap’: Amid new song’s success, Moira pays tribute to single mothers

  • Amid her new song’s success, popular singer Moira Dela Torre took time to pay tribute to single mothers
  • In the comments section of her song’s lyric video, a woman shared the reason why she will most likely raise her child all by herself
  • Moira assured Sachi that everything will be okay; honoring single moms for all their sacrifices, as well

In the midst of her new song’s success, well-loved singer Moira Dela Torre took time to honor the sacrifices of single mothers out there.

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On Facebook, the popular singer posted a screenshot from the comments section of her new song Paubaya, one of the newest hit songs at present, where a woman named “Sachi” shared her heartbreaking story. Through a comment, Sachi shared the reason why she will most likely raise her child all by herself.

“We were together for seven years when he got another girl pregnant. It was a stupid one night stand,” Sachi shared. “He’s very sentimental when it comes to family because he grew up without a dad….He told me that I’m the love of his life and that’ll never change, but he can’t let his kid grow up without a complete family so to cut the story short, he chose the stranger, the mother of his child, over me.”

Her ex-boyfriend eventually married the woman who was carrying his child. Within the same month, Sachi found out something that made her situation even worse.

“The girl was four months pregnant at this time and they had a civil wedding after a week or two. Within the same month, I was rushed to the hospital because I suddenly felt dizzy and passed out. The doctor broke the news to me — I was seven weeks pregnant,” she wrote.

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Moira, who was raised by a single mother, thanked Sachi for sharing her story; assuring her that she is not alone in this battle for God always knows how to turn the deepest wounds into something beautiful.

“I was raised by a single mom. Nagpaubaya rin siya. But in time, healing always comes and God always turns the deepest wounds into our greatest strengths. If our lives didn’t start out that way, I don’t think my life would’ve turned out this way. The most unexpected, most beautiful things happen ‘pag ipinaubaya natin kay God lahat. You are not alone. And you are stronger than you think. Praying for you and your baby,” she expressed.

Before ending her post, the popular singer paid tribute to single mothers, “Isang mahigpit na yakap sa lahat ng single moms. On behalf of your children, gusto po namin magpasalamat sa araw-araw na pinili ninyo kami. Saludo po kami sa inyo.”

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