Dogs survive typhoon Ulysses because owner untied his pets to help them save themselves

  • A man sought higher grounds to avoid the rising water levels due to typhoon Ulysses
  • But before he left, he untied his two dogs so they too can save themselves
  • The next day, he went back to his place and found them alive, making his decision to unchain them a wise one

The level of adversity the typhoon Ulysses brought to our country is more surprising than expected. Heavy rains resulted in massive flooding and have even submerged a whole community reaching almost the rooftops of its houses.

Image via Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) | Facebook

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society featured a story that tells about survival and compassion among our ordinary citizens and their pets.

On November 16, while doing a relief operation at the Estrella Homes Rizal, they met Mang Lauro. According to him, at the peak of the storm while heavy rain was pouring, powerful winds were passing through his area and water levels have continued to rise. Mang Lauro left his house to seek higher grounds. But before he ran for his life, he untied his two dogs, Dahlia and Chichi.

And yes, he did the right thing.

A true animal lover will at least release the dogs to give them a chance to survive. It is what animal rescue groups also recommend when bringing them along is difficult.

Mang Lauro was also confident since he knew his dogs could swim.

He went back to his place the day after to search for his pets. They were his only companions. Luckily, he found Chichi on top of a jeep. The dog was shaking from the cold. But Dahlia was nowhere to be found. He called her name but she did not show up.

Mang Lauro was expecting to see her lifeless body and wished he could find it hoping he can bury her near his home. He searched around his devastated community; already discouraged. But to his surprise, Dahlia appeared and went running excitedly towards him.

Image via Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) | Facebook

Now, the family is complete. Mang Lauro may have lost much from the onslaught of Ulysses but he has the best consolation– his two furry friends are safe.

Removing your pets from their leash during times like this can really make a difference in their chances of survival. Please don’t leave them helpless. And this story is the best example about giving them a chance to survive rather than leaving them tied or caged.

In the meantime, PAWS Team gave them food enough for a few days. You may check their post here if you wish to support their donation drive. Every drop of assistance counts.

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