‘Christmas gift, very happy siya’: Xian Gaza buys condo unit for girlfriend’s son

  • Xian Gaza bought a condominium unit for his girlfriend’s eldest child
  • On Facebook, Gaza shared that he asked the kid in September if he wants a condominium unit for Christmas
  • Few days ago, the child finally received such present

Young businessman Xian Gaza recently bought a condominium unit for his girlfriend’s eldest child, a gift that he promised to give the latter as a Christmas present this December.

Image captured from Facebook

On Facebook, Gaza shared that kid just received the early Christmas gift from him.

“Last September, nakausap ko via video call iyong panganay ni LaLove. Sabi niya, ‘Mommy’s boyfriend, thank you for giving me this iPhone XR.’ Sagot ko, ‘You’re welcome. What do you want for Christmas? Your own condo? You want that?’ Sobrang shookt siya kasi mahal daw masyado ang condo tapos bakit daw ipan  reregalo ko lang. Sabi ko, your mommy’s boyfriend is rich kasi,” he wrote in the caption of the photo he posted.

“Ngayong araw, nakalipat na siya sa condo. Thank you daw at very happy daw siya,” he continued.


In 2017, Gaza went viral after inviting actress Erich Gonzales to have coffee with him through a billboard advertisement.

“Last January 5, I was so down and demotivated with life while nursing a broken heart. So I have decided to take a much-needed walk towards SM Aura’s chapel, crying while praying, desperately asking for some Divine strength and guidance then went down and decided to book a flight to Hong Kong immediately the next day to unwind and breathe some air. Afterward, I jumped off to Uptown Mall Cinema to watch the last full show of ‘Assassin’s Creed’ and much to my surprise you were seated right there in front of me along with some other four,” shared in a post.

Images via Xian Gaza | Instagram

“After the movie, I mustered all courage I had up my sleeve in order to approach you and took this very selfie so that I may remember that magical moment. You, being kind, happily obliged. At that moment, you had left a massive imprint on my heart. You left me mesmerized,” he continued. “Half of 2017 had passed now and I made 29 flights to numerous locations taking that ‘Uptown Mall Cinema Moment’ with me, and so with you who never left my mind.”

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