Basel replies to netizens asking about the Korean vendor he helped, says nothing to worry about Mr. Chang

  • Basel answered questions netizens have been asking about the Korean businessmen to whom he extended help
  • The businessman, Mr. Chang, is still in the country and is waiting for his wife to come and bring him back to Korea
  • Basel assured everyone that Mr. Chang is doing good and enjoys selling noodles

A 76-year-old Korean businessman named Mr. Chang recently went viral over the internet when he was seen selling “buy-two-take-one” Korean noodles on the street. He used to be very rich but he lost all his money and was even stranded in the country due to the lockdown.

Image via The Hungry Syrian Wanderer | Facebook

Basel, The Hungry Syrian Wanderer came to Mr. Chang to extend assistance. He gave him a home makeover and bought him a new refrigerator and other needs.

On the latest update, Basel answered a few questions on what netizens have been asking about Mr. Chang.

“To those who were asking if he lost his money due to gambling or because he got scammed. It’s both actually, even recently some people stole his tinda and his real mobile phone was robbed while he was selling noodles in the street,“ he revealed.

Basel preferred not to focus on that subject on his vlog because he does not want to spread any negativity and it was also upon Mr. Chang’s request.

‘To those who are asking if he has a ticket already to go back to South Korea, according to him not yet because he doesn’t wanna take the flight on his own because he is scared to fly alone (due to his age, he doesn’t have anyone other than his wife).”

Image via The Hungry Syrian Wanderer | Facebook

The plan is for his wife to fetch him in the country as soon as it is safe to travel. With that, Mr. Chang has not left yet.

Some also asked why Mr. Chang does not have any food even if Basel already gave him. Basel shared that he does not like to store food since he has no refrigerator and he also avoids eating processed food which is the reason he doesn’t eat sometimes.

“He is not begging for any donations po. Don’t worry na po about his well-being. He is in good situation po and just enjoying selling noodles. ‘Yon po talaga ang gusto niya to interact and make Filipinos happy,” Basel stated.

Image via The Hungry Syrian Wanderer | Facebook

Before Mr. Chang leaves, he plans to bring him to a urologist since he thinks his prostate needs a checkup.

Basel considers him his adopted father and has welcomed him to his growing family. Currently, he joins him as a volunteer who packs relief goods for the people of Cagayan and Isabela.

Despite everything that has happened to Mr. Chang, he is optimistic to rebound from all the unfortunate events in his life. Thanks to Basel and everyone who helped him.

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