Janine Berdin surprises netizens with a song days after ‘transformation’ photos went viral

  • Janine Berdine surprised netizens with a mini-song cover days after her latest photos went viral on Twitter
  • The singer-songwriter amazed netizens with her blooming aura while enjoying her singing
  • In an interview,she attributed her radiating happiness to the fact that she is not afraid of “change”

Not long after her newest photos sporting her new look went viral, Janine Berdin posted a video of her singing to “Way Back into Love” with her ukulele accompaniment.

Image capture of video by Berdin Janine via Twitter

Her treat to fans was the first after her alleged cosmetic surgery. The “Tawag ng Tanghalan” season 2 grand champion uploaded the video on her Twitter and Instagram account. Netizens’ reactions are mostly positive, but some miss her old look. Someone also commented that she sounded different this time.

“We love you, Janine. Bagay sa’yo ang new look mo. Go go, girl. We always support you and your talent is amazing. God bless.”

“You don’t look like you got an operation. It looks natural, and so damn pretty smiling face. You look so happy with it. Keep it up.”

“Di ko na makita ang orig na Janine Berdin. I miss her face.”

“Wait. Just curious. Was the surgery for aesthetic or medical purposes? Cause I feel like somehow she sounds different. Like clearer and shiii.”

Image via ml_salon_and_spa |

However,  looking at her performance, she seemed happy and blooming. On Twitter, her video reached 20k retweets, 4k quote tweets and 102k likes.

Janine Berdin ginulat ang lahat sa kaniyang transpormasyon

On her new look, Janine made a bold move by changing her hair color to purple-ash color.  But other than that, her most striking transformation is her slimmer nose. The singer-songwriter did not directly admit to the cosmetic surgery, but she shared something about her blooming aura in an interview with Darla Sauler.

“Siguro naging blooming po ako kasi hindi po ako natakot of change. I think that’s what everyone should keep in mind na we shouldn’t be afraid of change na puwede tayong mag-change. Na, if there’s something you don’t like about yourself and that you are not happy about it, then you can do something. Do something to make yourself happy. You only live once, hindi ba? Just do things that will make you happy.”

Watch her video here.

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