Guilty of Hulk Parenting? Mom shares what to do to keep your cool

Image via Pixabay, Image via Canva
  • When parents are having a hard time with their kids, sometimes they easily become like “Hulk”
  • Uncontrolled anger has many negative effects on kids
  • With that, a mom shares tips on how to compose one’s self and stay in control of the situation

Have you been caught up lately by too much stress in managing your kids’ online classes? When all these build up, you find yourself becoming like “Hulk”.

Image via Pixabay

Like in the movie,  Hulk is what Dr. Robert Bruce Banner becomes when he gets so angry due to emotional stress.

Are you on the same boat? Cass Brion – Bibong Pinay shared some tips on how to stay calm despite the mess.

But first, we need to understand the importance of staying calm. According to Cass, we cannot be reactive all the time. Doing so can have negative effects on kids, such as disobedience and growing distant from us. To handle your kids well during COVID, Cass shared her tips on bringing yourselves “under control”.

First, make it a habit to pause. Before our mouth can lash out hurtful words, we must be mindful in controlling our emotions and pause.

“Bago pa tayo makapag-isip ng tamang gawin, nakapagsalita na tayo ng masakit,” Cass explained.

Second, as we halt, let’s listen to what our kids are trying to tell us.

“Bigyan natin sila ng chance na mag-express ng nararamdaman nila. Mas mature tayo sa kanila. Mas maunawain at mas malawak ang pag-iisip. Hindi natin dapat binabase ang reaction natin sa reaction nila,’ Cass said.

Do not answer their shouting with the same behavior. It does not resolve anything. It’s not a matter of ‘ who shouts the loudest.’

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Third, breathe in and out. You may count 1-100 or pray.

“It helps. Mas okay ‘yung pinag-isipan na reaction at choice kaysa yung laging bugso ng damdamin.”

Fourth, we must not forget to take care of ourselves too. Sometimes, a bad temper is due to lack of rest and sleep and it affects our kids.

“If we can focus on ourselves more so we can grow and mature more for sure, we can love them more. Mas maaalagaan natin sila. So don’t think that self-care is selfish. We cannot pour from an empty cup. Paano mo ibibigay ang best mo kung simot na simot ka na.”

Being a parent is the toughest job in the world. It is never an easy task. Before everything breaks down, let us not forget to stay calm, choose our battles and stay on top of the situation.