Dog gets carried away while watching a touching scene in ‘The Lion King’

  • A particular scene in the Disney film, Lion King”, brought one dog’s attention glued on the TV
  • The canine jumped out of his couch, went closer to the TV and seemed to react to the iconic heartbreaking scene of Simba
  • Netizens think that dogs are compassionate animals and that they have feelings too

Does your dog love to accompany you while watching TV? How do they respond to the movies you watch?

Image capture of video by Amit Thackeray via Facebook

One dog seem to have been carried away while watching “The Lion King”.

In a post by Amit Thackeray on social media, he said that his dog, Mufasa, “joined in the grief of little Simba.” It was during the scene in the movie when Simba’s father was badly hurt and passed away.”

Mufasa, who looks like a labrador/golden retriever mix was lying on his couch and so focused on the TV. But when Simba saw his father lifeless on the ground, Mufasa stood up and went near the TV. The clever dog seemed to understand the story and felt the heavy emotions at that moment.

As the film progressed, he placed his paws on the TV table. He stepped down and still stayed immersed in the clip. On the part when Simba was about to cry, Mufasa let go of a bark. He may have felt it!

Amit Thackeray shared his video on social media and netizens can’t stop talking about it. Some shared how their dogs are caught up with emotional scenes on TV too.

“What a lovely compassionate dog! Animals are so great and feel many emotions! I love that sweet video!”

“Thank you for sharing. That was great watching your dog having emotions over the movie. Animals are more caring and show their love more than humans do.”

Image capture of video by Amit Thackeray via Facebook

“Very sweet! My golden retriever watched Lassie and learned how to dig under the cyclone fence to explore! He stood up and watched that scene in the movie very intently!!!!”

“My girl Charlee gets quiet and watches the graveyard scene in Sweet Home Alabama every time! I don’t know if it’s the music or the way she talks.”

Mufasa’s video has reached over 53k reactions, 2.6k comments and 15k shares.

Judging from this, maybe some dogs understand some scenes they watch on TV.

What do you think? Do you have the same experience?

Watch his video here.

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