Baby pulls off doctor’s mask in iconic photo, giving us hope for better days to come

  • A photo of a newborn baby pulling off a doctor’s mask went viral on social media
  • In these difficult times of the pandemic, the photo gives us a sign of hope for better days to come

Barely three months before 2020 ends, the world is still battling with coronavirus. The numbers are still indefinite. While other countries have successfully isolated themselves from the pandemic, others have yet to flatten the curve.

Image via Pixabay

For many months, strict health protocols have been our way of life. Wearing of masks, face shields, social distancing, frequent washing of hands, and staying home are basically the habits we never imagined we would get used to.

However, do you remain hopeful that coronavirus will end? Where do you get the inspiration to keep going even if we continue to miss a lot of opportunities to be with our loved ones?

In Dubai, a photo has circulated that has created meaning in our future hopes.

Dr. Samer Cheaib, an Ob-gynecologist, posted a photo on Instagram (@dr.samercheaib) that will truly put a smile on your face.

Apparently, after delivering a baby, he posed for documentation carrying the sweet child in his hands but what may surprise you next is that the baby pulled the mask off the doctor’s face.

He captioned the photo, “We are all waiting for the sign to take off the masks, and return to the routine life.”

Image via dr.samercheaib | Instagram

The cute photo has been liked and shared multiple times and netizens have given meaning to the pulling of mask in their own words. Others call it a “message” from an angel, while others label it as a “sign” for a better future.

Whatever it is, without going any deeper, the message is clear. We all want to get coronavirus out of our lives and even babies want it as much as we do. However, getting off the mask is not happening any sooner. We are still left with uncertainty. What is more important now is we take care of ourselves to survive this pandemic and prepare for what our future holds. Just keep on keeping on!

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