Sunken old town in Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija re-appears after many years

Image via Facebook| Janet Marcon Tagle Calapan
  • Sunken town in Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija suddenly re-appeared after so many years
  • The  remains of the 18th century Catholic church and the other parts of the town can be seen on the photos captured by one of the locals
  • When the sunken town showed up after so many years, it gained various reactions from the netizens

During the 1970s in Pantabangan, Nueva Ecija, a town submerged when it was flooded by the water coming from the newly created dam which is now known as the Pantabangan Dam.  According to a post from Explore Nueva Ecija, the people in the sunken town “sacrificed their properties  to give way to the construction of one of the biggest dams in Southeast Asia.” 

For many years, after the people from the aforementioned town were relocated, it remained under the water. It was reported that after it got submerged in the water, only the cross from the 18th century Roman Catholic church can be seen, but on July 24, 2020, Facebook user Janet Marcon Tagle Calapan posted the photos she captured.

It was the sunken town that showed up again after many years under the water. She captioned her shots with, “Ang Lumang bayan ng Pantabangan at Sementeryo lumitaw na ulit.” On the photos, the remains of the old church and the old cemetery can be seen.

Image via Facebook| Janet Marcon Tagle Calapan

Many expressed their amazement, while others gave different reactions.

One of them said, “parang ansarap naman makita neto, napaka historical ng lugar,” while others said, “walang tubig tagtuyot na uli”,”katakot parang ayaw ko na tuloy maligo d’yan.

Image via Facebook| Janet Marcon Tagle Calapan

Years have passed but the memory of the sunken old town still remains; the old church, the cemetery and many others are just reminders that once in the history of the Pantabangan, sacrifices made by many people became the source of life in the whole province of Nueva Ecija.

Image via Facebook| Janet Marcon Tagle Calapan

Today, Pantabangan Dam does not only provide irrigation and electricity but also being used as a recreational area for water sports activities such as Jet Skiing, Kayaking, Bamboo Rafting, Banana Boat, and Fly Fish.” – Explore Nueva Ecija

Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho gives us a glimpse of the historical wonder: