‘This kind of friendship, please!’ Woman, BFFs still do sleepovers in their 50s

Image via @aaryannagrande | Twitter
  • A group of friends, composed of women in their 50s, has been spreading good vibes on social media as they continue to do sleepovers at their age
  • @aaryannagrande uploaded photos taken from her mother’s sleepovers with friends
  • Social media users said they wish to have the same kind of friendship, too

Sleepovers are undeniably popular among young people; spending quality time with friends while talking about random stuff, having heart-to-heart conversations until the morning comes, eating pizza and other favorite food, watching films, among others.

But some are lucky enough to continue relishing sleepovers with their friends even when their kids are all grown-ups.

Image captured from Twitter

Just like this bunch of 50-something women who recently went viral on the popular microblogging site, Twitter; when user @aaryannagrande uploaded a couple of photos sharing how her mother continues to enjoy having sleepovers with her closest friends even now when she is already in her 50s.

“My mom and her best friends still do sleepovers at 50,” she wrote in the caption of the picture she posted. “This is the kind of friendship I need.”

Likewise, social media users said they wish to have the same kind of friendship, too; tagging the friends with whom they want to do the same thing when they get older.

“I’m officially inviting you over to my house on 27.12.2043,” @AesyaNurudin tweeted; tagging a friend.

While @kimcatapi told her favorite persons that they will make up for the time they lost because of the lockdown when that moment comes; saying, “Pagtanda natin babawiin lahat ng na-miss nating gala at sleepover ngayon.”

As of posting, the photo already has more than 40,000 retweets and over 91,000 favorites.

The same photos were also reuploaded on Facebook; where it touched hearts as well; getting hundreds of comments, shares, and reactions.

Image capture from Facebook