Pinoy couple spends less than P30,000 on a beautiful wedding, creates inspiration online

  • A Filipino couple just proved that beautiful weddings do not need to be expensive
  • On Facebook, the young couple brought inspiration to thousands of social media users with their DIY wedding
  • Through her post “DIY (do-it-yourself) Intimate Civil Wedding”, the bride shared that they spent only less than P30,000

Spending less than P30,000 on their “big day”, a young Filipino couple just proved that beautiful weddings do not really need to be expensive; creating inspiration to thousands of people online.

Image via Rich T. Alberto | Facebook

On Facebook, the inexpensive yet elegant wedding of newly-weds Richzelle “Rich” Taganahan and Gian Carlo Alberto caught the hearts of social media users after the bride posted about their  “DIY (do-it-yourself) Intimate Civil Wedding”.

“Nothing fancy, just love. Sharing our P30,000 wedding budget for our DIY Intimate Civil Wedding (40 pax). Posting this ’cause soon-to-be brides are asking me for updates ever since I posted our DIY prenup, especially now that this pandemic is restricting couples to do big weddings. For sure, mas makakatipid pa kayo,” she said in her detailed and informative post which received more than 17,000 reactions and over 25,000 shares, as of writing.

“For us, our main goal is to get married without breaking the bank. We don’t want our parents to get involved financially since it is our decision to get married in the first place,” she continued.

Pulling off a beautiful yet low-budget wedding, Rich set a number of wedding goals such as making it intimate, romantic, and fun; having minimalist design and DIY decorations; opting to have a civil wedding ceremony; and to guide marrying couples who are worrying about their budget. They accomplished the aforementioned goals by choosing packages wisely and being hands-on during the preparation.

Image captured from Facebook

“Contentment is the key to happiness,” Rich expressed. “I’m not romanticizing poverty. Hindi naman ibig sabihin makontento kang mahirap ang buhay, I just think it is best to always look at the brighter side of life and do beautiful things despite the struggles, just like what we did to our wedding.”

The bride also uploaded a video about her affordable wedding dress which only costs less than P800.

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Facebook, YouTube

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