Look: This scarecrow will surely make your heart skip a beat at night

  • Scarecrows are placed on the fields to drive the crows and animals away and prevent them from eating the planted seeds and growing plants
  • But another version of this structure is way more creepy than usual that it caught netizens’ attention on social media
  • See how it looked like which we think is enough to make your heart skip a beat especially when you stumble on it at night

Have you seen human-like structures placed in the middle of the fields? These are scarecrows and they are there for one important purpose.

Image via Pixabay

These ”mannequins’ are usually made of straw and dressed in old clothes work as “guards” on plant fields. Their presence scares the birds like crows from eating the newly planted seeds or growing plants. Aside from straw, it can be made from wood or clay too.

However, some people leveled up their creativity’ giving it a more unusual look.

On Facebook, Beautiful Pakistan shared a video of a witch-like figure with only half of its body present. It wears a Guy Fawkes mask, similar to the ones you see in anonymous protests. It is holding the handlebars like that of a bicycle attached to the steel with a spring on the ground. This way, the structure swiftly sways as the air breezes.

And who would love that? Without any knowledge, you would assume it’s a manananggal, a half-bodied mythical creature in the Filipino folklore. Perhaps, it is intended to scare away humans as well.

Netizens think this idea is cool and hilarious at the same time. No wonder more than 146k reacted to it, 3.3k commented and 82k shared it.

Image capture of video by Beautiful Pakistan via Facebook

Others think this can be a good Halloween decoration. Oh, why not?! A broom would be a great addition to it or a spotlight to illuminate it at night. Haha. But of course, nobody wants to see it at night.

“Now, that is truly awesome. It would scare the bejeebers out of me if I walked by it, especially at night. Lol.”

“Reckon one of these would keep the birds away from the fruit trees. Frighten the life out of anyone lurking in the orchard at night.”

“I don’t think the birds would be scared of it. But if I am to pass at night, I know I would be running and screaming for my mama.”

According to netizens, birds have grown smart over the years that scarecrows are not any more effective unless you add annoying sounds into it. Besides, for larger fields, you need to make more of these. Well, you can learn a better trick from the indie film “Lola Igna”.

What do you think? Could this creation still serve its purpose?

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Posted by Beautiful Pakistan on Tuesday, May 26, 2020

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