Israeli professor and his team invents a breathalyzer that detects corona virus in one minute

Image via Youtube| BenGurionUniversity
  • An Isaraeli professor headed the invention of a breathalyzer that is being eyed to become a breakthrough in COVID-19 testing
  • The device is expected to give result in just one minute
  • The team is hoping that once the device is US FDA approved, they can soon  start the system by September or October

COVID-19 pandemic is still challenging the whole world up to this moment. Many are still finding ways on how to easily detect the virus to control the spread of the disease. However, the process of conducting tests to determine whether someone is infected by the virus or not should be done with accuracy that it really takes time to finish the procedure.

Experts all over the world are doing their best efforts in order to come up with a cure to the COVID-19 disease, along with this, they are also finding the best ways to conduct the COVID-19 test in the best possible ways. They are eyeing on having both accurate and fast procedure.

Image via Youtube| BenGurionUniversity

Professor Gabby Sarusi of  Ben-Guron University of the Negev togeteher with his team has invented a breakthrough that hopefully will be a game changer in the quick detection of corona virus.

After the individual breathes into the breathalyzer, the species from his mouth, including the viruses attach to devices on this chip. We close the capsule that contains this chip, and then we transfer it to the spectrometer. And then, we scan it for about 20 seconds, and then we have about 2 seconds of mathematical processing, and eventually, we can say whether we have a corona carrier or don’t have a corona carrier.“-Prof. Gabby Sarusi

Image via Youtube| BenGurionUniversity

Once approved by by US Food and Drugs Administration, it could soon be installed in points of entrances like offices, airports, and the like. Prof. Sarusi said that they are going to position the machines in points of entrance in various places, “each machine will have a throughput of about 4000 people a day.”

He added that hopefully they can start the system by September or October.

Here is the video of Prof. Gabby Sarusi explaining everything about the breathalyzer.