Alessandra de Rossi answers series of tweets on why she doesn’t join rallies: ‘Takot ako sa nanay ko at sa COVID’

  • Netizens questioned Alessandra de Rossi as to why she does not join the rallies of the network
  • The multi-awarded actress said she is not afraid to fight for the company but is worried about COVID
  • No amount of persuasion by other Twitter handles can convince the actress known for being outspoken and firm in her opinions

A lot of ABS-CBN stars have been vocal on social media and are actively participating in rallies to express their frustration in the denial of the network’s franchise renewal. However, Alessandra de Rossi was also among those who were quiet despite being a talent of the network for a long time.

Image via Alessandra de Rossi | Twitter

But on Twitter, the actress was jokingly challenged by Twitter handle File not found asking why she does not attend rallies.

She answered, “May COVID. Maawa ka. Tsaka ‘di ako okay (mentally) pag madaming tao. Birthday party nga, di ako umaattend, rally pa?”

Another netizen expressed that her father is a fan of the actress and that she did not miss her movies, yet she still insists that the actress should show her support to workers who lost their jobs.

The Kapamilya star replied, “Lagi ako nababash diyan. Pag naawa ako sa nawalan ng work, automatic anti-govt agad ako. Kung tama tingin ko, wala akong awa sa nawalan. Wala akong gagawing tama. Kung ako lang masusunod papabuksan ko na yan sa driver ko dahil pandemic pa naman. Kaso wala akong driver. Ako na to!”

“At this point, pag lumaban ka, mayabang ka. Pag nanahimik ka, wala kang paki. Pag pray ka na lang, inasa mo kay Lord. Yung totoo?” she added.

Image via Alessandra de Rossi | Twitter

De Rossi answered more tweets and was firm with her stand to stay at home to keep herself away from COVID. She gave one final blow to another netizen.

“Anyway, wala na akong planong makipagdiskusyon sa ayaw naman makinig. I respect everyone who fights. I respect everyone who shuts up, for now. Till may COVID. And I will end it with the same statement. Hindi ako takot lumaban. Pero takot ako sa nanay ko at sa COVID. Peace!”

She explained that she does not have the savings and hospitalization budget. She is not yet done paying her insurance, so what matters most to her now is to stay alive.

Alessandra de Rossi is known for being outspoken. What she says is what she feels.

She went back into the spotlight lately due to the huge success of her movie “Through Night and Day” with Paolo Contis, which is now the no. 1 movie on Netflix.

Well, it seems that nobody can persuade this multi-awarded actress.

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