59 medical institutions nationwide now licensed for COVID-19 testing

  • There are 59 laboratories nationwide that are licensed to conduct independent COVID-19 testing, DOH report said
  • 151 other laboratories are currently undergoing the five-step accreditation process
  • As of June 13, these licensed laboratories have already tested 467,564 individuals where 7 percent of whom tested positive for coronavirus

COVID-19 testing holds a pivotal role in flattening the curve of the coranavirus in the country. Its availability and efficiency will help in the treatment, isolation, and hospitalization of Filipinos who are infected.

Image from Philippine News Agency (PNA)

This is why the government is making a huge effort to provide COVID-19 testing facilities throughout the country. As reiterated by Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque, the government has already refocused its efforts to augment the country’s testing capacity.

“One thing we can assure you is we are taking steps to increase our testing capacity, kaya nga po itinalaga si  Mr. Vince Dizon as the testing czar,” said Roque in a briefing.

In its latest COVID-19 report, the Department of Health said there are already 59 laboratories nationwide licensed to conduct COVID-19 testing. These accredited facilities are 44 polymerase chain reaction facilities and 15 GeneXpert laboratories.

Image from Philippine News Agency (PNA)

The DOH also added that 151 more laboratories are already undergoing the five-step accreditation process. From these laboratories, 125 or 83 percent institutions are already on stage 3 or the training phase for hospital personnel and above.

The latest medical institutions to be certified were the Green City Medical Center and the Northern Mindanao TB Regional Center. These licensed laboratories are listed on the DOH website.

Image from Philippine News Agency (PNA)

A month ago, the government was aiming to operate at least 78 accredited laboratories by the end of May.

As of June 13, these licensed laboratories have tested over 467,564 individuals where only 7 percent of the number tested positive for COVID-19. As of posting, there are already over 27,200 positive COVID-19 cases in the Philippines.

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