‘You’re not alone in this fight’: Why rising band ‘Written by the Stars’ continue to create music amid lockdown

  • Rising Filipino band Written by the Stars continues to post songs and covers amid the lockdown
  • Creating music despite the distance, the WBTS aim to ease the boredom, fears, and anxiety of people in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis
  • The band hopes to remind its over 133,000 followers online that they are not fighting this battle alone

At the time when relishing gigs and concerts is far from reality, people have been finding comfort in listening to their favorite artists over and over again; watching replays of their performances online, playing their songs through music streaming apps. But–thank God–there are some who never stop creating music despite the lockdown, using social media platforms to reach their fans.

Image captured from Facebook

One of them is the rising Filipino band Written by the Stars, which has more than 133,000 followers in Facebook alone. Bringing entertainment by posting their songs and covers amid the community quarantine, the band–composed of vocalist Robert Calingo, guitarists Esjay Laylo and Jefrey Gutierrez, bassist Justin Nudalo, and drummer Cromwell Reyes–hopes to remind its countrymen that they are not fighting this battle alone.

“Sa panahon kasi ng pandemic na ito, ‘yong pinakakalaban ng bawat tao ay anxiety and boredom. Everyone is quite scared and uncertain kung ano’ng puwedeng mangyari sa future. So for us na makatulong kahit papaano, we want to ease the boredom and make a temporary escape sa anxiety ng mga tao by making them feel na they are not alone in this battle and music will be there to for us. Always,” the band said in a statement, responding to the online interview questions sent by Definitely Filipino.

According to the members, it is not easy for them to record songs together considering their distance from each others.

“’Yong members kasi ng band namin ay kalat-kalat talaga unlike with other bands na may isang lugar na focus. We have two members na galing sa Batangas, one from cavite, one from Pasig, and one from Taguig. So gathering in one place for the recording is very impossible talaga habang naka-lockdown tayo,” the band admitted. “Bale, kanya-kanyang effort tapos isi-send kay Esjay Laylo para i-mix and i-master, and gawin ‘yong final layout ng video. We do brainstorming din para sa new songs.”

Image captured from Facebook

And it’s worth it, as the band has been touching the hearts of thousands of social media users since they started their #QuarantineSessions.

Written by the Stars is known for its performances in Wish 107.5, GMA Playlist, Myx, Rakistaradio, Pinas FM, Rakfest, among others. When the crisis is over, the band shared, fans will be hearing the songs that the members have been working on in the middle of the lockdown.

Image via Written By The Stars | Facebook

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