Mom posts photo of her baby wearing face shield, receives a warning from their doctor it is dangerous

  • Baby face shields rose into popularity after photos of infants in Thailand wearing it in circulated online
  • A mom bought one for her baby to be used on her vaccination day and took a photo and posted it on social media
  • However, she received a warning from their doctor about the dangers of using a face shield for infants

Adults use face shields for added protection against inhaling coronavirus. Factory-made and DIY face shields has become widely used.

Image via Paolo Hospital Samutprakarn | Facebook

Babies wearing face shields in Thailand broke the internet and had netizens drooling over their cuteness. Shortly after, parents and some hospitals started copying this.

A mom who calls herself  “Mommy of Robyn” is so excited to use one for her infant. Before her baby’s vaccination appointment, she put it on her baby and took some snapshots, which she posted on her page. But immediately after, she received a warning from their doctor.

“It isn’t recommended by pediatric society since it can cause c02 retention sa infants less than 2 years old. Hindi namin siya nirerecommend talaga isuot ng kids younger than 2 years old. Kahit sandali lang or anything. Kasi iba-iba ang lung capacity ng bawat kids. So hindi mo alam kung sino ang may propensity na may carbon dioxide retention nang mabilis,” Dr. Regina Luz said as per the mom’s post.

Her daughter wearing face shield| Image via Mommy of Robyn via Facebook

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, face masks and face shields could also result in SIDS. There is no approved PPE yet for babies below two years old. Therefore, proper sanitation like hand washing, wearing of masks for the carer and social distancing are still the protocols that are recommended.

For kids two years old and above, CDC said that cloth coverings could be worn. Though it may not protect you from catching the virus, it may prevent you from spreading it.

Image via madewithlovehmg | Instagram

Furthermore, infants cannot remove the face shield when they are in distress.

With that, Mommy of Robyn, a breastfeeding advocate, suggested utilizing the nursing covers. It poses fewer risks since cloth is a breathable material. She added that the baby still needs to be checked behind the cover from time to time.

Yet despite her warning, many still insist that their babies have no problems wearing it.

Source :

Facebook, CDC

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