LOOK: This restaurant placed plastic barriers to enforce social distancing to its dine-in customers

  • Thailand has been reported as one of the countries that has successfully flattened the curve amidst the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic
  • In fact, some of its businesses have already imposed strict protocols to ensure everyone’s safety and security
  • An example of this is a restaurant in Bangkok that has installed plastic barriers on tables for customers who opt to dine in

While some countries are still on their respective “lockdown” stage, there are others who have already moved forward and have somehow ‘beaten’ the global COVID-19 pandemic. Among them is Thailand who is currently easing its lockdown restrictions with the hope of transitioning to the “new normal”.

However, along with the ‘toning down’ of restrictions is the implementation of strict social distancing and health protocols ordered by the Thai government to ensure the safety and security of everyone. The good thing is that — as published in several reports — these protocols are obediently followed by different business enterprises such as malls and restaurants which have been granted permission to open.

Image from Facebook | Penguin Eat Shabu – เพนกวินกินชาบู

Like for instance, the Penguin Eat Shabu restaurant in Bangkok has installed plastic barriers to enforce social distancing among its customers who opt to dine in. They also uploaded recent photos of their “new setup” that can be seen on their official Facebook page.

In fact, one of their customers named Runchana Ploy also shared her thoughts and experience while eating at Penguin Eat Shabu.

“The new dimension of eating buffet in the era of COVIDs. Many people asked me on IG story if shabu shop is open for you to eat. These days, yes, only some of these shops go,” Runchana said in a Facebook post. “This shop is adjusting to government policy with this divider so that people can sit together without a separate pot of anyone. Whoever orders anything, take responsibility for each other.”

Image from Facebook | Runchana Ploy

Furthermore, the World Economic Forum also posted about Penguin Eat Shabu on its official Instagram account. The caption reads: “The Penguin Eat Shabu restaurant has reopened after the easing of lockdown restrictions in Bangkok, Thailand.With social distancing still being enforced around the world, restaurants are using plastic barriers as a way to maintain business, while minimizing risk of transmission of the coronavirus disease.”

Today, Thailand has been credited as one of the countries who reported less than 10 COVID-19 cases per day. In total, the country has recorded 3,025 cases with 2,855 recoveries and 56 deaths. No new cases were reported as well last May 13 — a first time since the pandemic started.

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