Artist offers to literally erase your ex from your photo; receives tons of requests

  • An artist’s tweet has gone viral after she offered to literally delete an ex from your photo for $10
  • Upon reading the news, netizens immediately flooded the artist with tons of requests
  • Some even said that the money they spent was all worth it when they saw the newly edited “ex-free” photo

Perhaps some of you might agree that there are certain things which should just stay in the past — including your ex boyfriend or girlfriend.

Sure, the memories — bitter or sweet — will always be there but you can at least try to erase them in your mind as time goes by. On the other hand, if it is a really tragic experience, maybe you can find peace someday if you try your best to literally forget about him or her as much as you can.

Image from Twitter | @HEXGIRLFRlEND

Also, for those who had daunting or horrible experience with their exes, the thought of looking back at your old photographs might make you feel quite uncomfortable, uneasy, or at times even outrageous. Perhaps you even thought of burning your picture but since you look so good on it, a part of you still wants to preserve the photo but this time, without your ex.

Well, if that’s the case, consider your dilemma as good as solved because of an artist and makeup enthusiast who offered to remove an ex from your favorite photograph for a service fee of $10.

“For $10 I will edit your ex out of your photo serious inquiries only,” tweeted the artist under the usernmae @HEXGIRLFRIEND.

Along with her tweet was also a sample before-and-after photo that really caught the netizens’ attention. Eventually, it led to an overwhelming amount of requests from various social media users. @HEXGIRLFRIEND’s tweet also went viral with over 159,000 likes, 18,100 retweets, and 19,000 replies.

Image from Twitter | @bramflake and @chrisart00

Not to mention, her customers who were satisfied with the results also shared their newly edited “ex-free” pictures. Some even said that the $10 they paid was all worth it.

Guys she really killed it,” said Twitter user @bramflake. “Best $10 I will ever spend,” replied @chrisart00.

How about you? Would you like to literally erase your ex from your favorite photographs too? LOL!

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