Watch: Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao challenge their kids to eat banana with ‘ginamos’ for the first time

  • Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao convinced their kids to try banana and ginamos on their latest vlog
  • See the kids’ funny reactions after eating it for the first time 
  • Netizens love their family bonding and praised the couple for letting their kids do the challenge

The boxing champ’s family conquered a different challenge in Jinkee’s latest vlog.

It all started when Manny Pacquiao was happily eating his afternoon snack of boiled saba bananas dipped in mouth-watering ginamos, the Visayan term for fermented fish. He recalled, ‘For ten years this was our meal. Even without rice, as long as there is banana, ginamos, and grated coconut, it’s satisfying already.”

And Jinkee suddenly popped the question, “Our kids, will they eat this? We will let them try this!” Manny was doubtful at first, but he then agreed.

Jinkee told their kids – who happen to be also inside their room – to try it. Though some had eaten bananas when they were younger, it will be the first time tor everyone to try ginamos.

Jinkee first called Princess, followed by Jimuel, Queenie, Princess and Michael. The kids’ reactions were hilarious. They said it is salty. The smell is unpleasant. Queenie thought it was an “eyeball” of the fish. Lol. And almost everyone sought comfort from their bottle of water. Hahaha. Nevertheless, all four kids ate it and passed the challenge.

Manny told Jinkee, “We should teach our children to eat this type of food like ginamos, banana, gabi, kamote and cassava. I suggest we should not eat rice for one week, just banana and gabi.” The kids reacted in disbelief.

Aside from banana and ginamos, they also.had binignit, another Visayan dessert soup.

Image capture of video by Manny Pacquiao via Facebook

The trending video posted on Facebook now has 155k likes, 7.8k comments, 22k shares, and had more than 8M views!

Netizens praised the couple for letting their kids do the challenge.

“To teach your children to experience your roots is wisdom beyond comprehension. Like exploring something, you haven’t been before. Idol Manny, you are the personification of true humbleness. God bless you and yours.”

“I agree with Manny. He should let the kids try food that Manny and Jinkee had experienced before they became wealthy so that the children would know what it is to be living in poverty or rural areas. This is one way he can teach the children to be humble and kind to the less fortunate.”

So watch the video here and be entertained.

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